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A Fresh Start for France  by hurui yemane

Napoleon, after invading most of Europe, put liberal reforms on the land he conquered, ended church privileges and ended serfdom. His army had trouble in Spain because the Spanish patriots had a campaign of guerrilla warfare. Things got bad when the British came to help Spain. Napoleon, even though he was having trouble in Spain, still went looking
for more land...

His biggest mistake was when he went to invade Russia with his grand army of 600,000. The Russians played on him by retreating eastward , which left the French army cold and hungry. When they tried to go back home it was a battle of survival and only 100,000 of 600,000 survived, and his reputation for success was shattered.

Seeing that the French were weak, a new alliance of Russia, Britain, Austria and Prussia tried to defeat Napoleon. In 1813 they defeated him in the battle of Leipzig, and the next year he abdicated. The victors sent him to exile to Elba, an island in the Mediterranean sea. After he went to exile many leaders of Europe went to Vienna trying to restore stability and order in Europe after 25 of war. They divided the land Napoleon's army had conquered equally among themselves and formed the Concert of Europe, which sought to hold the results of the Congress of Vienna together for at least 20 years.