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Radical Days  by michael martin

After the Jacobins took over power, the French Monarchy soon collapsed and war broke out between France and other countries, and a committee of public safety was organized. In France, a new Emperor, Maximilien Robespierre was appointed and the Reign of Terror started.  40,000 people died during the Reign of Terror, which lasted July 1753 to July 1794.

Within a year, though, the reign of terror consumed its own. Weary of bloodshed and fearing for their own lives, the convention turned on the committee of Public Safety. Robespierre and other radicals were killed and the Reign of Terror ended. The revolution at this time became more and more radical.

Women started fighting for rights as they did not feel that the Declaration of Man did not grant equal rights. A woman named Jeanne Roland fought for rights and after awhile they got equality. Changes in Daily life was also dramatic. The Revolution had dislodged the old social order, overthrown the monarchy, and brought the Church under state control.

At this time people had a strong sense of national identity. In early times, people felt loyalty o local authorities. As monarchs centralized power, loyalty shifted to the king or queen.