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Art has always changed through time. . Some changes are small. Some changes are extremely significant. But there have always been obvious areas of art that have stayed true to their original forms, and the most easily recognizable of those art forms is music. Music has been called the "gauge of culture" my many people. It reflects the general mood of a certain era. It has also been known to even change people's feelings, to make them depressed, to make them happy, to make them feel good just to be alive.

Over time, music has undergone some very significant changes but the most significant changes occur in the style of the music.  Sure, music's always changing styles, there's a new style every half century, it's natural. But during the 1800s, it was really major. The 1700s made popular a style called classical, which mostly tried to orchestrate music with a sense of grace and beauty. But that didn't hold long when, in the 1800s, a new style of music called Romanticism started to get really popular.

Romanticism used instrumental color, the mixing of different subtle textures and sounds created by different instruments to provide a mind-blowing music experience. Based on Classical music for the most part, this new genre captivated tons of audiences all over the world and still does so.  Romanticism led to different branches of music like Neoclassical and Impressionistic. Orchestrated music, after the invention of electronic instruments, quickly lost it's popularity but there are still devoted followers of classical and romantic music out there in this great big world of ours....and the ghosts of classical music still haunt the music that this planet rolls by today...

 - Pradeep Elankumaran

Fahad Khan