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Title:  Christina Aguilera

Artist: Christina Aguilera

Genre:  Pop

Record Label

File Under:  Someone who can actually sing

Best Cuts:  Genie In A Bottle, I Turn To You, What A Girl Wants, Come On Over, Reflection

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                Out of the Mouseketeer breeding ground that is common for today's top teen entertainers, comes Christina Aguilera.  She first made waves with her first single, "Genie In A Bottle", which quickly raced to the top of the charts.  The album, however has only a few decent songs, the rest are good, but they can't be listened to over and over.  Some of the highlights are the guitar-driven "What A Girl Wants", and the awe-inspiring ballad, "I Turn To You".  Other songs worth recommendation are "Come On Over", and "Reflection", which was the theme from Disney's Mulan.  Other than these, the album is a really painful listen. But one thing is evident, she can sing.


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