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  Here it is, Smashing Pumpkins fans, the last album recorded by the legendary Pumpkins.  If you weren't online for some time, you wouldn't have known that this album of b-sides and outtakes was supposed to be released on the fifth of October, and fans were in for a huge surprise when the Pumpkins' record label refused to release it commercially.  But the Pumpkins personally published twenty-five copies of the album in Billy Corgan's recording studio and handed them out to a select group of fans and friends.  The people who got the album were told to distribute it over the internet.  All of the files below are in the mp3 format (of course), and you can think of this album as the first official pumpkins bootleg.  Feel free to copy it on a cd and distribute it.


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CD Track Listing

Vinyl Listing

1. Glass' Theme 
2. Cash Car Star 
3. Dross 
4. Real Love 
5. Go 
6. Let Me Give the World to You 
7. Innosence 
8. Home 
9. Blue Skies Bring Tears (heavy) 
10. White Spider 
11. In My Body 
12. If There Is a God (full band) 
13. Le Deux Machina (synth) 
14. Here's to the Atom Bomb 


EP 1 
15. Slow Down 
16. Vanity 
17. Saturnine 
18. Glass' Theme (spacey version) 

EP 2 
19. Soul Power [James Brown] 
20. Cash Car Star (same as track 2)
21. Lucky 13 
22. Speed Kills 

EP 3 
23. If There Is a God (piano/vox) 
24. Try, Try, Try (alt. music/lyrics) 
25. Heavy Metal Machine (version I alt. mix)